What Helps Heartburn

acid reflux dietYou may be an individual who experiences frequent cases of heartburn. You may also be an individual who only in-counters heartburn occasionally. No matter which category you fall under the severity of the pain of heartburn may be leading you to ask the question, what helps heartburn?

There are a few different things a person can try to help their case of heartburn. They vary from things you can buy over the counter to home remedies. The important thing you can do is find something that works for you and your body.

The most important thing a person can do to help heartburn is to look at their life style and diet choices to see what is causing their case of heartburn. Prevention is something that is just as high on the list as antacids and remedies. Preventing heartburn can keep you from experiencing a lot of bad nights.

Ways to prevent heartburn can include cutting out fatty foods from your diet. Fatty foods are known as direct causes of heartburn. Also fruits like lemons, oranges, cranberries, and grapefruits may need to be eliminated from your diet. Dairy products are also not good for heartburn. You need to examine your diet carefully to determine what foods you may or may not be able to eat. 

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Another step of prevention is to alter the amount of food you are eating. Eating large meals can cause heartburn. Instead of eating a large meal, cut your portion size down and eat more meals than normal. Life style choices can also encompass what time of day you are eating. Do not eat immediately before bed because lying down is a cause of heartburn.

Sometimes prevention is not possible. If you are unable to prevent heartburn then you will be wonder what helps heartburn. Antacids are one possible solution for you. Antacids can be bought over the counter from local grocery stores and often times convenient stores. Some popular antacids include TUMS, Alka-Seltzer, and Mylanta.

If antacids are not a possibility then you may be interested in home remedies. Eating a spoonful of mustard is an old folk lore that is said to be able to get rid of heartburn. Also drinking pickle juice is a popular home remedy for heartburn. If you do not find any luck with these two then you might try baking soda and water. All of these are popular methods of getting rid of heartburn.

You may struggle to find something that helps you with heartburn. At the same time you may find multiple things that provide instant relief. Heartburn relief is about finding something that works for you particularly. There is no sure fire way of preventing or solving heartburn pain. If nothing you try seems to help with heartburn pain and you experience heartburn frequently you may need to see a doctor. A medical professional will be able to help you pinpoint the cause of heartburn in your body, a medical professional will be able to help you line out possible solutions to your heartburn problems. 

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