Signs of Acid Reflux

acid reflux dietThere are many different signs of acid reflux. A lot of the signs are not always obvious until acid reflux is in full swing and you are in a lot of pain. If you are having trouble recognizing the signs of acid reflux than this article may be able to help you.
These signs may not always lead to acid reflux, but they should be things that usually indicate acid reflux is about to start.

Acid reflux can be very painful and uncomfortable, and recognizing the signs of acid reflux could be beneficial in the amount of time it takes to find a solution for your acid reflux pain. Listed below are signs that are normally related directly to acid reflux.

1. Dry Cough- If you experience a dry cough after eating this can be a sign of acid reflux. Wetting the throat is a good idea when suffering from a dry cough. This is a small symptom that could indicate acid reflux is about to take effect. 

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2. Dyspepsia- This is stomach discomfort. Stomach discomfort can mean a few different things. The most common types of stomach discomfort are nausea, burping, and bloating. These all will come after eating if they are related to acid reflux.

3. Regurgitation- Is a common sign of acid reflux. If you feel stomach acids start to come up in the back of your throat you may be about to start experiencing acid reflux.

4. Heartburn- A pain in the chest or lower throat area is a sign of acid reflux. This can be a very mild or a very severe pain. The pain level depends on the person. Heartburn occurs most often after meals or after lying down. Heartburn occurs periodically.

These four are all major signs of acid reflux. These can be caused by diet choices, lying down immediately after eating, and bending over. If you are not familiar with the signs of acid reflux then it is important you monitor things really well. If you start to experience any of the signs of acid reflux listed above you should remember symptoms for the next time you may get them.

Certain foods can make the signs of acid reflux worse. These foods include items such as citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, cranberries, and grapefruits. Tomatoes, garlic, and peppermint are all three things that can have an impact on the signs of acid reflux. Also spicy and fatty foods can increase the signs of acid reflux. All of these are food items that may need to be avoided if you are constantly experiencing the signs of acid reflux.

Signs of acid reflux may come and go. If you are unfamiliar with acid reflux you may need to speak to a doctor about steps you can take to prevent and solve acid reflux. The sings of acid reflux should be able to help you identify the causes of acid reflux for you which will need to be communicated to the physician. Any questions you have regarding the signs of acid reflux can be given to your doctor and returned with great feedback. 

Acid Reflux Diets

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