Heartburn in Pregnancy

acid reflux dietHeartburn is very common among women who are pregnant. Heartburn occurs when stomach acids are regurgitated into the esophagus. This can cause a burning sensation in the chest or the lower area of the throat. Women who are pregnant may experience heartburn at in its severest form. Heartburn usually occurs in pregnant women during the second half of their pregnancy and usually occurs throughout the end of the pregnancy.

Women who are pregnant are likely to experience heartburn because the placenta releases a hormone called progesterone to relax the uterus. In the same manner this hormone relaxes the esophagus which causes acids to move from the stomach into the back of the throat.

This condition may not be able to be avoided completely because of the progesterone released into the body. There are things a pregnant woman can do to help heartburn in pregnancy. Prevention is one of the main weapons a person can use with heartburn. 

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Avoiding foods with high fat content and spices will help prevent heartburn in pregnancy. Also eating smaller portions during meals can prevent heartburn. When a person indulges in large meals they increase their risk of heartburn in pregnancy. Along with portion control, taking small bites and chewing carefully are tips to prevent heartburn in pregnancy.

Chewing gum is also a way of helping prevent heartburn in pregnancy. If you chew gum after eating the gum will act as a saliva booster which counter acts the acid. Also chewing gum makes a person swallow more which will make the acids stay down in the stomach and clear out the esophagus.

Raising the upper part of your body when sleeping can also help prevent heartburn in pregnancy. One of the most common causes of heartburn is eating a meal then lying down. If a person raiser the upper part of their body gravity will keep acids down in their stomach.

Do not just raise your head, but instead raise your chest and your head when trying this tip. Along with this tip be sure and do not eat right before bed time. It will benefit heartburn in pregnancy if you stay upright immediately after eating.

Smoking is not recommended while being pregnant, and it is also a cause of heartburn. If you are pregnant and smoking consider stopping the habit.
If prevention is not successful there are a few ways to ease your heartburn in pregnancy.

Home remedies can be used as well as antacids. When dealing with heartburn in pregnancy it is important you speak to a medical professional before you try anything to help ease your heartburn pain. Your physician will be able to map out methods that are completely safe for you and your baby.

Heartburn in pregnancy is a serious issue that can make a joyful time in your life not as joyful. Do not let this condition bring you down. Use prevention methods and find solutions to the pain that work best for you. 

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