Heartburn at Night

acid reflux dietHeartburn can occur at any time day or night. However, it is most common for adults at night. This can be attributed to a few different factors we will discuss below. No matter the reason why, heartburn at night can be really inconvenient. Heartburn at night can cause a loss of sleep which can impact your daily life tremendously. The impact of loss of sleep will more than likely be negative.

If you suffer from heartburn at night you may find yourself falling under one of the categories listed below. If you do fall under these categories you will be happy to know these are things you can change about your life style. Heartburn at night may be caused by:

1. Eating right before bed time is a common cause of heartburn at night. Whether you know it or not, eating a meal and then lying down in bed is easily the most often cause of heartburn. Eating a bed time snack can lead to hours of restlessness which impacts everything that follows. 

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If you are a person who is starving right before bed there are a few things you can try. You can try eating your snack earlier than you normally would. If this does not work for you, you might try sitting upright in bed for 20-30 minutes following your snack. Going to bed 30 minutes later than normal sounds a whole heck of a lot better to me then countless hours of restlessness.

Also raising the upper part of your body when you lay down can benefit your heartburn at night. This is a natural way of helping gravity keep all your stomach acids down.

2. Eating a large dinner is another cause of heartburn at night. Instead of eating large dinners you may try using portion control. Cutting your portion sizes down can help with heartburn. Also if you cut your portion size down it may help you adjust your bed time snack schedule. If you eat a smaller dinner you may be hungrier for your snack earlier which might give you ample time to digest your snack before you lay down.

3. Stress is another common cause of heartburn at night. Stress can increase to amount of stomach acids released into the body. If you are stressed when you come home from work, try and leave it at the door. It will benefit you in more ways than one.

If any of the three items above sound like you then you might have found your cause of heartburn at night. These are all three items you have direct control over. Make good decisions concerning your life style, and good things might come of it concerning heartburn. Heartburn can be very uncomfortable to live with and if you experience night time heartburn frequently then you may need to see a doctor.

Your physician may be able to prescribe medications to prevent or solve heartburn related issues. 

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