Frequent Heartburn

acid reflux dietHeartburn is a medical condition where stomach acids are regurgitated into the esophagus. This can be caused by a lot of different things. Heartburn is defined as a chronic condition which means once a person suffers from heartburn they are likely to experience reoccurrences.

The frequency of heartburn varies from person to person as does the pain level. There are cases that are mild and cases that are very severe. If heartburn becomes a daily issue you may need to speak with your doctor on possible ways to prevent this painful condition.

Frequent heartburn can be inconvenient and annoying. It may happen after lunch while at the office or while giving a big presentation. There are no exact signs that a case of heartburn may be coming into effect. The best solution to preventing frequent heartburn is to figure out what is causing frequent heartburn.

You may experience frequent heartburn because of diet choices. Monitoring your diet is a great way to figure out what is causing your frequent heartburn. If you start to suffer from heartburn, write down what you had to eat before the case of heart burn kicked in. 

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Next time you experience heartburn do the exact same thing, and you may be able to put your finger on one of the things that is triggering frequent heart burn in you. If you are a person who has to have a bed time snack you need to move up the time of the snack. Eating and then immediately laying down is a known cause of heartburn. If you must eat right before bed, consider raising the upper half of your body to keep stomach acids down naturally.

Your diet may not be the issue causing your frequent heart burn. Life style choices may be the culprit. If you are a smoker or a heavy drinker your frequent heart burn may be coming from those two things. Alcohol and tobacco are proven ways of agitating stomach acids and causing heartburn. Cutting back on both of these may lower the frequency of your heart burn.

If you suffer from frequent heartburn you need to know about solutions that are out there. You can find medications, over the counter antacids, and natural remedies that can help you with frequent heart burn.

Your doctor may prescribe medications such as h2 blockers or they may suggest antacids such as TUMS or Alka-Seltzer. Natural remedies can include things like eating a banana or staying upright and walking around. Trying different things is the best way to find out what will offer your body relief.

Frequent heartburn is something that should be taken very seriously. The importance of talking to a doctor cannot be stressed enough if heartburn is experienced frequently. This is not a condition you should just try and live with. Eventually the effects will catch up with you. Long term effects of heartburn are unknown, but damage to the esophagus is possible. 

Acid Reflux Diets

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