Acid Reflux in Pregnancy

acid reflux dietAcid reflux is caused by food, lifestyle choices, and obesity. All of these are things a person can control. However, there is one group that cannot control how acid reflux affects them.

Pregnant women also suffer from acid reflux. Doctors suggest over 80% of pregnant women experience acid reflux. The cases can range from mild to very serious and the ways of dealing with acid reflux while pregnant vary.

A lot of women experience acid reflux for the first time in their lives during pregnancy. Acid reflux is usually more common in a woman’s third trimester. If a woman experiences acid reflux before becoming pregnant then the chances are the cases they experience in their third trimester will be pretty severe. 

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During pregnancy estrogen and progesterone are released at high level to relax muscles and allow the uterus to stretch. Unfortunately the relaxation of the smooth muscles also goes to the esophagus. It reduces the tone of the LES allowing reflux and slows down peristalsis along the esophagus.

When suffering from acid reflux in pregnancy doctors recommend lowering your intake of fats, citric acids, and spicy foods. All of these items are things that can cause acid reflux. Lifestyle changes are also recommended. Lowering the amount of food you ingest during a meal or eating at earlier times in the day are also ways of helping control your acid reflux. Also try chewing gum after eating.

Chewing gum stimulates your salivary glands, and saliva can help neutralize acid. Watching what you drink can help prevent acid reflux as well. When acid reflux is a part of your life you should try staying away from carbonated drinks and citrus juices. Both of these can help increase your chances of having acid reflux.

Solutions when acid reflux in pregnancy starts to take place vary from person to person. One solution that is suggested to be effective with acid reflux in pregnancy is ginger. Ginger is an easy way to control your saliva output. A small teaspoon of ginger should do the trick.

Also other home remedies are available such as mustard and pickle juice. Both of these are usually kept in your refrigerator and are easily attainable. A spoonful of mustard or drinking a half glass of pickle juice both are possible solutions.

Acid reflux can come at the most inconvenient times and acid reflux in pregnancy is no different. It is important to take precautions to try and prevent acid reflux, and it is important to take possible solutions and try them. No two things work the same when dealing with acid reflux in pregnancy, so try things until you find something that works for you. 

Acid Reflux Diets

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