Acid Reflux in Dogs

acid reflux dietAcid reflux is common among adults. It is not a surprise if you have a two pound spicy burrito and all of a sudden acid reflux kicks in, but what you may be surprised to know is acid reflux can occur in dogs.

Acid reflux in dogs is not as common as it is with humans, but it is an issue. Unfortunately for our little friends they cannot pop a Tums in and find instant relief. A lot of times dog owners do not even know their dog suffers from acid reflux. Acid reflux in dogs can be a difficult thing to handle because of the fact there is not a lot of information available on the subject of acid reflux in dogs.

A pet owner can look for symptoms to know if their little friend is suffering from acid reflux. These symptoms vary and your dog may be experiencing all of them, or may be experiencing one or two of them. One thing for certain is acid reflux in dogs occurs after a meal. Acid reflux in dogs symptoms include: after a meal your dog may seem unusually tired, after a meal your dog may be uninterested in physical activity, not eating as much, and weight loss. 

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All of these symptoms are things that must be monitored over time. Monitoring these over time will give you a pretty good idea if your dog suffers from acid reflux or not. Once you have determined whether your dog is suffering from acid reflux then you should take measures to help your pet any way you can.

Acid reflux in dogs cannot be cured. However, if the dog’s owner takes proper measures acid reflux in dogs may be able to be controlled. To control the occurrence and pain level of acid reflux in your dog you need to change your dog’s diet.

Taking all fatty foods and foods with a high protein levels out of your dogs diet may help ease your dog’s acid reflux. Portion control is also an option. Cutting the amount of food your dog ingests in one sitting can help. You may consider feeding your dog in small portions throughout the day instead of one just big meal. Finally elevating your dogs food bowl can help manage acid reflux. By forcing your dog to eat with his/her head up it will naturally be able to prevent stomach acids from rising.

Medications are also available for acid reflux in dogs. Antacids and other types of things are possible ways of helping your dog cope with acid reflux. Speak with a Veterinarian before giving your dog any over the counter medications.

Acid reflux in dogs can be a very painful experience for your pet. Taking notice of your dog’s actions, making a decision, and then taking proper precautions to help manage your dog’s acid reflux are all pivotal things a dog owner must go through.

Understand no two cases of acid reflux are the same for dog’s and that speaking to a Veterinarian is a way of collecting valuable information. 

Acid Reflux Diets

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