Acid Foods to Avoid

acid reflux dietGERD disease can be caused by a lot of different factors. One of the most common factors is the diet of a person. Eating foods that are high in acidic content can lead directly to GERD disease. There are a few items that are definitely on the do not eat list when you suffer from GERD disease. Acid foods that you should avoid are in all the food groups. Ranging from fruits to fat and oils the acid foods that you should avoid number greatly.

Speaking with a medical professional about which acid foods you should avoid is one way of figuring out what to take out of your diet. However, one of the best methods is trial and error. People respond differently to certain acidic foods, and what one person can eat another person may need to avoid. The trick is finding out what is best for you and your body.

When talking about acid foods that you should avoid, it is best to start in the meat category. Ground beef chuck is a really popular type of beef. Depending on how it is cooked you may experience heart burn after eating. This particular type of meat can be found almost anywhere and is a large fat meat. High fat content can cause regurgitation which is a common symptom of GERD disease. In general friend meats and heavily spiced meats should be avoided. 

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The fruit category also has quite a bit of foods that should be avoided. Anything with a high citric acid level may need to be avoided. Fruits that are high in citric acid include oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and cranberries. All of these are also popular type of fruit juices. The juices may need to be avoided just as much as the whole fruit should.

Sweets and desserts are acid foods that need to be avoided. Anything with high fat content can be an issue. With sweets and desserts these can include cookies, brownies, and chocolate. All of these are popular types of desserts and sweets. Looking at the table to see how much butter was used may be an indication if you should avoid it or not.

Vegetables are not really an issue as an acid food you may need to avoid. However be careful with the type of salad dressings you may be using. Creamy salad dressings need to be avoided along with oil and vinegar salad dressings. Both of these may raise the PH level in your stomach.

Dairy products are something to be careful with. If it is high in dairy you should avoid it. For example whole milk, cheeses, sour cream, ice cream, etc are all acid foods you should avoid. Substituting the fat free versions of any of the above may be ok. It really depends on the individual.

These are all acid foods you should avoid. Remember you may be able to eat some of these with no issues it just depends on how your body reacts Talking to a medical professional and examining your own diet at length will benefit you more than anything. 

Acid Reflux Diets

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